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Medical Assessment

Get medical information on the abortion pill and  abortion procedures and free health assessment

Pregnancy Test

To verify your pregnancy, it’s important to get a lab-quality pregnancy urine (hCG) test.  We offer these for FREE!


Determining if you have an intrauterine pregnancy and how far along you are is essential in equipping you to determine the best option for your life.

STD/STI Testing +

You may need to get tested even if you have no symptoms or consistently use a condom. Sex always carries the risks of STIs and STDs - you need to know prior to an abortion.


Why We Exist

North Georgia Pregnancy Services Center is a cost-free health center for women offering medical care by licensed professionals for reproductive health concerns, pregnancy, education, and community resources. We exist to empower women in making informed and healthy reproductive decisions. We want to help you find a path to your best health and wholeness because your health is important. The decisions you make matter. You have options, and we want to help.

All services offered at North Georgia Pregnancy Services Center are free and confidential. No proof of insurance or proof of employment is required.

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