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Our Services

All of our services are FREE!

The Four Medical Services We Provide Are:

1. Medical Assessment/Lab Work

2. Urine Pregnancy Testing

3. Limited OB Ultrasound

4. STI/STD Testing/Treatment


Medical Assessment/
Lab Work

Our caring medical personnel can answer medical questions you have surrounding your pregnancy. We will discuss your options and topics that include - the different abortion procedures, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, fetal development, and health concerns. We are here for you in a confidential setting. The World Health Organization recommends you have a medical assessment and evaluation of need for certain lab work. Following an assessment, we can offer this lab work free of charge. 

Pregnancy Tests

Have you taken 2, 5, 10 or more pregnancy test at home and want to confirm what you may already know? At North Georgia Pregnancy Services Center you will receive quick results on the day of your appointment from our medical-grade, 99% accurate urine pregnancy tests. You will also meet with our licensed professional healthcare staff member for a medical intake appointment. 

smaller ultrasound picture.jpeg
smaller ultrasound picture.jpeg


Although a pregnancy test is the first indication that you’re pregnant, it is not a medical diagnosis for pregnancy. It does not tell you how far along you might be. Having an ultrasound, performed by trained medical staff, and reviewed by a doctor, will help you determine the gestational age. An ultrasound is needed to determine if it is an intrauterine pregnancy - for your safety sake. We offer this limited OB ultrasound free, if you qualify during the medical assessment, for your health and safety.

STD/STI Testing

+ Treatment

If you are pregnant, or think you might be pregnant, and think you have an STI/STD make an appointment with us to discuss free testing and prescribed treatment.


Sexual activity not only puts you at risk for pregnancy but also for sexually transmitted infections (STI) and sexually transmitted diseases (STD). If you are sexually active, you should be tested for STI/STDs on a regular basis.

Some STI/STDs can be treated and cured with medications, but early detection is key for effective treatment. Other STI/STDs cannot be cured but symptoms can be managed.

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